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Today the nation needs personal involvement - whether sports, TV shows, News commentaries or education - we are the first to build a patented method and application for special involvement with your own favorite event!

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For Corporate customers or Sports Teams.

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Payment by Paypal or Credit Card
to obtain a unique response

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The apps are free, but they must be used with a corporate response code, try the demo now.

Participate in a demo of the complete system by:

  • APP: Download and install the media 1 app from the app store.
  • DATABASE: Log into the DATABASE site at media1live.org, preferably from a separate computer. The user name is media1live@gmail.com and the Password is: password
  • DATABASE: After login, click on the square box with the number 0000 to select the dashboard.
  • DATABASE: Next, click on the three dots to the right of the Live Response screen and select either true/false or multiple choice.
  • APP: Enter *0000 and press send. There should be a message the response was registered on the network.
  • APP: Enter a response of the type selected above, either true/false or multiple choice.
  • DATABASE: The response should show up instantly on the data base, and you may continue to send additional responses. If it does not appear, click the refresh button.
  • APP: Press the raised hand symbol. A screen appears to type in a question.
  • APP: Then press send.
  • DATABASE: Click on the Circling Arrow to the right of the Question Screen, and the question should appear.
  • DATABASE: Enter an answer to the question where it says Add a response, then click the arrow to the right.
  • DATABASE: Click on Notify Sender
  • APP: A notification should appear with the answer from the DATABASE on the device. You have to refresh the question Circling Arrow to see additional questions.
  • KEEP IN MIND OTHERS MAY BE USING THIS SAME PROGRAM CODE, so NOT ALL responses or questions may be from your device.

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